Californian Sunshine

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Our riding adventure started at the US westcoast in the city of dreams, LA. After a couple of days checking out Santa Monica, Hollywood, Downtown and some museums, we were very excited to start biking and going South. The time we spent riding bikes together before this trip was very limited, so the expected daily distances, butt pain and the pace of unexpected hunger attacks were pretty unknown.
About the last point, I think it took us like 3 km until Anna discovered an Indian Restaurant, which was our first official food stop while biking 😉 However, the first days, which we spent mainly on highway 1 are in very good memories. The road is pretty biker friendly and often times we were riding our bikes directly on the boulevard near the beach. We met super friendly people like Karen who biked solo from San Francisco to San Diego, Bobby, who shared his camping spot (and his coffee) with us, or Nancy and Mike, a still young biking couple who invited us to stay a night at their home. And we had good legs and reached San Diego in three days.

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