Travel treasures is a special category in our funky blog, because as wondering eggs we wonder a lot. And we always find a lot of special treasures on our travels. So travel treasures is all about great ideas, moments, people, things which we discovered and experienced and we want to share with you.

Bike touring and generally slow eco traveling is giving you a lot of time to explore local habits, food, nature, mysteries and specialities. The longer you stay in one place, the deeper you learn about it. And in those depths there are always treasures waiting for you. And from time to time, thanks to a new knowledge and experiences, a part of you becomes also more valid. It would be a sin not to share these new discovered golden nuggets with you. And Samuel is one big golden nugget by himself, especially when you feed him well. So you can also expect here some funky videos and pictures, how it looks like, when people let the joy out.

Hopefully our funky blog about travel treasures will give you some inspiration and motivation to follow your dreams and live the life full of joy from new discoveries and possibilities. You will find here also some super smart local ideas, which we believe are worthy to share. Have a look, move around and if you have something cool or interesting to share, please let us know. We are always open and happy to get new friends, ideas or inspiration.