Travel and bike touring America was our choice number one. Our reasons were simple. On the both American continents you can use just 3 languages, you can bike it basically all year round and it is relative cheap. You can bike touring or bike packing and if you are a fast one – you can do it all in less than 1 year. But we didn’t. No, we are not slow, but we prefer to go slower and enjoy it more.

So, in this category of our travel blog you can find information about our bike touring trip in Central America, which we did during Covid 19 Pandemic time. You can check our route, get inspired by our stories or learn some super useful local or technical tips. And don’t be scare about the safety – we had absolutely no problem and if you will still somewhere fill insecure – just take somebody with you – easy like that.

And we are not done with American continents – not at all, so soon or later you can hopefully read here some new stories from USA and Canada or South America.

Anyway, if you want to travel by bike and you are searching for a good compromise between time, money, joy and nature – Latin America is your choice!