Welcome on our travel and bike touring blog. We are wonderers, so naturally we love to travel. It s giving us a lot of inspiration, we constantly learn new things and grow. But it will be waste and selfish to keep it just for us, so we decided to share it with you, that we can grow together and hopefully once meet somewhere.

Although we have huge travel dreams, we really try our best to travel as ecological as possible, so do not expect many planes or cars included in our travel stories. We travel by bike, we do kayaking, hiking, hitchhiking and hitch-biking. Rarely (especially when anchica get overheated while biking uphill and there is no other choice), we use low cost public transports. We walk a lot as well. We eat local, we support locals, we try to help and we try to learn. And we feel super blessed and thankful for all opportunities we ever got and for amazing people we met. Traveling this way keeps you much more connected with surrounding nature and local people, it build your self confidence and trust. It learns you to be patient, to accept and to do compromises.

In this travel blog we want to show you, that eco traveling and especially bike touring are not so hard like they seem to be and they have many more great advantages than stereotyping luxury travel. Yes, it is also pretty challenging, but there is a pure joy and happiness once you will master it. And travel or bike touring Europe is the easiest that any other continent thanks to general safety and wild range of very good biking paths.