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One thing about Bahia Concepcion is clear. This bay on the Gulf of California is a mindblowing piece of paradise! We were bike touring south along Bahia Concepcion to Loreno during the world pandemic. I guess that our perception was influenced by no tourism and so no loud local social life. Written shortly, this bay is a beautiful 50 kms of Maledives-like beaches and little lagoons. And these lagoons are often visited by dolphins, tiger sharks, turtles and other beautiful see creatures. And best of all – all this still without single hotel resort or even a village! Take your chance and visit it before it will change!

Happy bike touring life on Coyote Island

How is it to travel by bike Baja California coastline?

Traveling by bike across Baja California is mostly about two things – desert and sea. And it is a beautiful unforgetable combination. Just do not bike too much on the roadsides – you may get a lot of flat tires! We started bike touring along Pacific coast, which was definitely panoramatic and in march still a bit cold. There are also few beautiful bays more on the south. In Ojos de Liebre bay we touch our first baby-whale..

On the east side – from San Felipe – it was at first just nice new coastal roads along the beaches, hot springs and Bahia Los Angeles (surounded mostly by American retired expads). Then, back to inland to a lot of little ups and downs, blooming desert, volcanos and more desert. And since we reached Santa Rosalia, we did not left the beautiful east coastline for the next three months. Bike touring along Bahia Concepcion to Loreto is the most beautiful part. When you start to bike Baja California coastline, you just do not want to stop.

coastal road Bahia Concepcion

Exploring Bahia Concepcion by bike and kayak

We got super lucky and for three pandemic months we got Conception bay only for us. The beaches were officially closed, no car could pass. But we had bikes, hiking shoes and kayaks! We probably explored every corner of this turquoise paradise. Yes, completely alone.

This bay has at least ten incredible beaches and couple of romantic uninhabited islands. El Coyote island is only half an hour by kayak from El Coyote beach. One beach is nicer and more photogenic that the other. Some of them are completely abandoned. Couple of them, like Santispac beach, have small amount of palapas (little natural constructions made for campers) and a little shop and toilet. Sometimes there is even a little hostel, camping or restaurant (El Burro beach). And one or two have a little shop and couple of seasonal residencies around (El Coyote).

bikers wild camping baja california

Bahia Concepcion roads and transportation

Only way how to get there is by car, motorbike or bike. No buses. From time to time there is a ferry from Santa Rosalia. From the closest small airport in Loreto it is 80 kilometers. So even in the normal (non-pandemic) main season, it is still relatively quiet. There was also couple of robberies (mostly car-campers). But otherwise, if you are not stupid, it is very safe. Lock your bike and hide it somewhere behind the bush. Always take the most important things with you. Or just ask somebody trustworthy to store it for you. 

Roads are empty, bit hilly, but incredible panoramic. You can be in Loreno from Heroica Mulege in 2 days. Just be careful to start biking latest in may – before the main heat madness. We continued bike touring south Bahia Concepcion in june and each of us drank 4 liters of water in 2 hours! And it was not enough. We got headache and in the extremely hot night Sami got a flat sleeping mat, so he went to sleep to the sea 🙂 Thanks Exped for an incredible fast and cool customer service! 

There is not so many places to refill the drinking water. Check Osmand or iOverlander apps for posibilities. Otherwise, the weather there is pretty stable. Do not forget to check, if there is no hurricane coming (sept-oct)! At the end of the bay, the road leads inland over a smaller hill,. In 10 km you will find one little bar (maybe open) and then just 70 kilometers of sunny flat road without any tree. 

Bahia Concepcion wild life

And now about the local wild life in Bahia Concepcion. Dolphins and turtles we saw all the time. Whale sharks you can  see there normally from june to december. You can see them easily from the cliffs but it is much more enjoyable with kayak or directly swimming. Bioluminescent plankton we saw in march-may. And big spiders or scorpions you can also find, especially in the night. Or they will find you! Like they find Sami. Yes, yes, he got attacked by a scorpion. He his definitely our bike touring trouble maker. Check out the video here.

happy bike touring bahia concepcion

Our favourite beach was Santa Ines because of its tranquility and eternal peacefulness. It is out of the bay, out of the road, around 40 km more north, closer to Mulege. Just us, our bikes, dolphines and scorpions 🙂 We also love all Bahia Concepcion. Palapas are usually booked long time in advance, but you can easily hide your tent around, even on the beach. We have much more crazy stories from there, but those we can not share publicly. If you are curious, let us know, and you will get them by email.

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