Hello bike touring wonderers! Welcome to our website! Ready to travel the world by bike? Or still hesitating? Let us share with you some of our biking travel stories, tips and hacks. And there is always more to come, because traveling by bike is forever-lasting love and joy. And it is so worth it!

On our travel blog you can find advice about how to pack and transport bikes or which bike and equipment to take. And of course, plenty of funny and emotional adventurous stories, tips and biking routes all around the world. Hopefully we will inspire you or even help you to finally make the first step to your own, greener and adventurous future. Believe us, the hardest thing was not the packing or traveling. It was finding the ,,balls,, to make the first step and finally follow our dream. It seemed to be impossible. 

But, at the end we were able to do that thanks to other amazing bike tourers and bike-packers like Iohan or  Heike. It was their blogs and vlogs that gave us the courage we needed and we will be forever thankful for that. And do not forget, it is not only about solo travelers – there is more biking families on this world than you think! So, do not hesitate, enjoy your reading and more important – enjoy your ride!

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