Let’s slow travel and volunteer

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Magic sunrise on Lago Atitlan in Guatemala

Keep it slow, keep it meaningful

     If you are not just a hunter of number of visited countries, then fast traveling or resort holidays will never fully satisfy your mind. But traveling slowly can do it for you. Why? Simply because just slow travel gives you the super important time to fully inhale your new experience. Whether you choose trekking or bike-touring or hitchhiking or yachting or kayaking, it is all about that underestimated slow motion. It is not about speedy Everest climbing, but it is about those 5 minutes slow-motion mind-fulfillment which you give yourself on its top or anywhere on the way.

     Going off the path and stopping and enjoying the place from another perspertive, or sleeping in the heart of the nature – slow travel will take your breath and fill your eyes and soul with such a joy you did not even know about. So keep it slow, keep it meaningful because happiness was, is and always will be the state of your mind..

Lonely on the island in Bahia Conception Mexico
Island in Bahia Conception only for us

Make you and the world a better place by volunteering!

If you want to upgrade your slow travel on a completely new level, try to combine it with volunteering. You will be still able to fully enjoy your traveling and when you will need time to deal with new impulses, you simply take a travel-break and stay with locals.  This way you can combine the enjoyment of two most satisfying feelings – self-growing and feeling helpful and powerful! There are no money or success which could replace that.

Once you experience it, you will be never the same. And tamtararaaaa – you can make the world a better place! Plus, you can probably learn something what you wanted to learn long time ago but you did not have an opportunity or money or time or whatever excuse for that.. So please do it for you! And do it slowly!

Volunteering and painting in Mulege
Anna painting a mandala for our host in Mulege

Your volunteering options are limitless

We were pretty sure that we will combine traveling by bike and volunteering even before covid 19 influenced our Latin America bike touring trip. Sami had his first volunteering experience in Peru a couple of years ago and for me volunteering is a massive happy part of my life since I can remember. There is a plenty of option all around the world nowadays. You can try workawaying, experteering, woofing, housesitting, fundraising, crowdfunding.. Any of these options is good enough to show you the world in completely different perspective.

For those who would like to know a bit more about each volunteering option, I recommend to read my next post. And for those ones who just need a bit more inspiring boosting I have already another post about how we traveled nicely slowly and volunteered on our bike touring trip in Latin America during the pandemic. So, what do you say? Let`s slow-travel and volunteer?

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